Ogatsu Slate Rectangle Plate
Ogatsu Slate Rectangle Plate
Ogatsu Slate Rectangle Plate
Ogatsu Slate Rectangle Plate
Ogatsu Slate Rectangle Plate
Ogatsu Slate Rectangle Plate
Ogatsu Slate Rectangle Plate

Ogatsu Slate Rectangle Plate

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A 230 million year old stone paired with traditional techniques and a modern design

Brought to you by the traditional makers of the Ogatsu Suzuri (inkstone) is their original Ogatsu Slate Tableware. This elegant stone, often descibed as being “abeautiful as a Japanese womans black hair”, makes for an eye catching serving platter that is sure to delight and impress any guest.

StudioOgatsu Suzuri Association
Origin: Ogatsu Miyagi
Dimensions: H18cm × L9cm × W0.6mm
Weight: 235g
Materials: Ogatsu Stone

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Ogatsu Stone Plates are handmade from natural Ogatsu stone. As a result, each piece hasits own unique patterns. Please note that for this reason, there may be slight variations in size between products of the same dimensions. 

For sanitary purposes, Ogatsu Stone Plates are finished with a coating that is food safe. Please do not re-coat these products yourself.

Due to the strong film coating, a soft cloth can be used to wipe off any scratch marks that may appear on these items.

Ogatsu Stone Plates have excellent heat and cold retention properties. To heat up the plates, they can be steamed in a steamer or soaked in boiling water for about 1 minute. (Proceed with caution to avoid burns!). For cooling, they can be placed in the refrigerator or freezer. Ogatsu Stone Plates can withstand temperatures ranging from -60℃ to 80℃. Avoid using these plates in the microwave o rover direct flames.


Ogatsu Suzuri Association

While the 230-million-year-old Ogatsu stone’s main feature is its pure black color, it is also a highly valued construction material due to its low water content, high durability, as well as its resistance to chemical changes, heat, bending and compression. Tokyo Station is a prime example where the beauty of this material can still be admired to this day. Ogatsu stone is also used for making Ogatsu Suzuri (inkstone), a popular tool for calligraphers and artists.


Ogatsu Slate


While the production of high-quality Ogatsu stone and Ogatsu suzuri is believed to date back 600 years, written documents of these operations only appear in the Edo period. These recount how regional lord Masamune Date appointed two regional Ogatsu crafters to work exclusively for his clan due to their skillful workmanship. Consequentially, the town of Ogatsu became renowned for its sophisticated, refined and high quality suzuri. Later, during the Meiji period, the production of Ogatsu stone intensified and became one of Japan’s major exports.

Due to it’s location on Japan’s north-eastern coast, the town of Ogatsu as well as its Ogatsu stone production and extraction sites were devastated by the Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11th 2011. However, thanks to years of tireless communal efforts to keep the local Ogatsu tradition and craft alive, the Ogatsu industry has been able to gradually work on bringing their production levels back up to pre-tsunami levels.

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