Obizutsu Cherry Bark Tea Caddy Tea Scoop Set
Obizutsu Cherry Bark Tea Caddy Tea Scoop Set
Obizutsu Cherry Bark Tea Caddy Tea Scoop Set
Obizutsu Cherry Bark Tea Caddy Tea Scoop Set
Obizutsu Cherry Bark Tea Caddy Tea Scoop Set

Obizutsu Cherry Bark Tea Caddy Tea Scoop Set

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Modern Design, Traditional Materials and Techniques 

Denshiro's Obizutsu collection's main feature is the beautiful visual contrast created by the Tea Caddy's obi. Despite its contemporary design, it still employs the materials and crafting techniques characteristic of this traditional craft.

Studio: Denshiro
Origin: Kakunodate, Akita
Dimensions: H12.2cm × W7cm
Weight: 100g
Materials: Cherry bark, natural wood

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Kabazaiku cherry bark crafts 

In order to admire and enjoy the cherry bark’s original texture, items with a polished finish are not coated with a protective urethane finishing. Consequentially, their moisture exposure should be limited as much as possible. Should an item get wet, promptly and gently wipe it dry with a cloth. 

Avoid exposing kabazaiku items to sudden changes in temperature due to direct contact with hot or cold objects. Such actions may cause the cherry bark to experience changes in color, warping, and cracking. 

Extended exposure to direct sunlight or ultraviolet rays may cause changes in color or peeling of the kabazaiku coating. 

Kabazaiku items shouldn’t be soaked in hot or cold water and are not suitable for dishwasher use.

Avoid putting these items in the refrigerator. Extremely dry environments can cause kabazaiku products to peel at the surface and become warped. 

Kabazaiku items are not suitable for microwave, oven, or stovetop use (induction burners included). Such actionsput them at risk of peeling or catching fire. 



Located in Kakunodate, Denshiro has been providing high quality Cherry Barkware for 7 generations. Through their adaptability, they have succeeded in preserving the Cherry Bark craft with designs that appeal both to traditional and modern lifestyles. These one-of-a-kind crafts are unique to Kakunodate and cannot be found anywhere else in the country.


Cherry Barkware


Denshiro’s story begins in 1851 as a cherry barkware wholesaler. Due to the abundance of cherry blossom trees in Kakunodate, an estimated 200 lower class samurai turned to the Kabazaiku craft during the Edo period. At present, only 50 Cherry Bark crafters remain. As crafters became more scarce, Denshiro began making their own Kabazaiku-ware collections. Today, they are committed to creating designs that are more adapted to contemporary homes, all the while staying faithful to the traditional techniques of the craft.

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