A traditional pottery that fits seamlessly into contemporary life

The Shokagama kiln lies along the cherry-lined Higashinagata River at the foot of Mt. Tema-Yogai in western Tottori Prefecture. Founded upon the discovery of quality clay in the area, it has been in operation for 120 years, with knowledge and techniques passed down for generations.

Shokagama is currently run by Yuri Ando, who follows in her father’s footsteps as a 5th-generation potter. Ando, who learned pottery technique not only from her father, but also studied ceramics at Nara College of Arts and Industrial Research Center of Shiga Prefecture, brings her own vision to the studio, using colorful glazes such as cobalt (a favorite since her student days), while honoring the traditions of the craft and creating pottery that fits seamlessly into contemporary life.

Traditional meets original

Shokagama was built in 1903, its climbing kiln constructed up the slope of the mountain, with materials such as clay and glaze collected from the local area. Today, the local clay is mixed with other clays to help preserve the deposits. Ando creates pottery with Shokagama's time-old techniques of clay-mixing, glaze-making, turning, and rokuro which she learned from her father, while incorporating her training in Nara and Shiga to create her own original works.