Inaba White Rabbit Mask
Inaba White Rabbit Mask
Inaba White Rabbit Mask
Inaba White Rabbit Mask
Inaba White Rabbit Mask
Inaba White Rabbit Mask

Inaba White Rabbit Mask

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This hariko mask is rooted in the well-known folk tale of the White Hare of Inaba. In this tale, a lord called Okuninushi was traveling through ancient Tottori (Inaba) seeking to woo Princess Yakami of Inaba. On his way, he came across a hare whose skin had been flayed by sharks. Unlike his cruel brothers, Okuninushi was a kind man, and told the hare to wash itself in fresh water and roll around in cattails, which restored the hare’s white fur. The hare then took Okuninushi to the princess and the two were united in marriage.

Studio: Yanagiya Reproduct
Origin: Kurayoshi, Tottori Prefecture 
Mask: L18 x W11 x H4.5 cm
Box: W20.5xD16xH6

Weight: 20g
Materials: Inshu washi, calcium carbonate, mineral pigments, glue
Technique: Handmade

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traditional toys expressing tottori folklore

Yanagiya Reproduct is a project by craft shop Cocorostore to revive the legacy of Yanagiya, a beloved Tottori studio run by the Tanaka family, which made traditional folk toys based on local folklore and customs from 1928 to 2014. The more than 50 different folk toys they made, which were once common in Tottori, included hina dolls, festival masks, and hariko modeled after gods and ghosts of folktales. Thanks to Yanagiya Reproduct, artisans are bringing these Tottori traditions to life again, all handmade from wood, clay, and washi, using traditional techniques passed down through the Tanaka family.

Part of tottori's heritage

Second-generation artisans Kinji and Miyako Tanaka took over Yanagiya from their predecessors, but after many years Miyako-san’s eyesight deteriorated and Yanagiya closed its doors in 2014. Today however, she and Kinji-san teach the artisans of Yanagiya Reproduct the techniques for making some of the toys which they produced at Yanagiya. COCOROSTORE’s Nobuhiro Tanaka is gradually increasing the number of items they can reissue, using his network of craftspeople, from potters, to woodworkers, to painters. After passing Kinji and Miyako Tanaka’s strict checks, a number of folk toys have been reissued.


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