因州和紙伝承工房 かみんぐさじ
Natural, durable, and smooth handmade washi paper for calligraphy and painting

Inshu washi workshop sajiwashi is located amongst the mountains of Saji, Tottori Prefecture, where clear rivers flow from pristine mountain peaks. This eastern region of Tottori, with its rich natural resources, has long been an important center for washi production, particularly high-quality calligraphy paper known as Inshu washi.

Sajiwashi was established in 1995 to help invigorate the washi industry and preserve and pass down the centuries-old techniques of the craft. Here, various types of washi, including calligraphy washi (gassen-shi, han-shi), decorative washi for artwork, and dyed washi are all made manually using traditional techniques. Sajiwashi continues to further the applications for washi by developing new products while honoring the traditions of the craft, allowing its 1200-year-old-techniques to be passed down to the next generation, and furthering washi’s many uses in contemporary life.

About 60% of Japan's gassen-shi, washi specifically used for calligraphy and painting, is Tottori Prefecture’s Inshu washi.

"Inshu brushes never run out"

Inshu gasen-shi that is primarily made from the fibers of the mitsumata plant is highly-regarded as a quality washi for calligraphy, ink-painting, and Japanese-style painting. This paper is praised for its fine, durable texture and its absorption properties which allow for an ideal calligraphy or painting experience. The washi is gentle on brushes, keeping them in good condition for longer, with no unwanted smudging and smooth brush strokes. The natural fibers of washi also bring out the brightness of colored ink and accentuate expressions such as ink shading, blotting, and blurring.