Fukumitsu-yaki Cup - Iron Glaze
Fukumitsu-yaki Cup - Iron Glaze
Fukumitsu-yaki Cup - Iron Glaze

Fukumitsu-yaki Cup - Iron Glaze

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The wood-burning Fukumitsu-yaki kiln is fired twice a year. The firing process is long, resulting in strong and durable vessels, which are glazed with traditional materials found in nature.

Just as the name suggests, iron glaze contains iron, which becomes more lustrous the more you touch it. Enjoy the slow and subtle changes to the glaze of your Fukumitsu-yaki, as you use it over time in your daily life.

Studio: Fukumitsu-yaki
Origin: Fukumitsu, Kurayoshi, Tottori Prefecture
Dimensions: L10 x W7 x H10 cm
Weight: 190g
Materials: Fukumitsu-yaki pottery
Technique: Iron glaze

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Fukumitsuyaki is cool but warm, and sharp but soft all at once. It has an organic elegance that can only be achieved through the careful method with which it is crafted, and the sensibilities of the craftsman, Kenji Kawamoto.

Fukumitsuyaki wares are made entirely with local, natural materials, in a process using no electricity. Kawamoto uses a foot-powered potter’s wheel which allows him to throw at his own pace and change speed if he so desires, creating natural and gentle forms which complement the cool-toned ash and iron glazes of this pottery. Another characteristic of Fukumitsuyaki is the mentori technique, in which the surface of a vessel is shaved away, creating angular yet soft works. Kawamoto’s master’s skill does not end there, though. Perhaps the most difficult part of the process is firing the vessels in the climbing kiln, whose wood flame must be tended round the clock to ensure a successful firing.

Lovingly crafted by a master

Kenji Kawamoto trained under Kanjiro Kawai, an extremely highly-regarded potter, and one of the key figures in the Mingei (Japan folk art) movement. After training, Kawamoto opened the Fukumitsuyaki kiln in 1980, and since then has produced pottery tirelessly, out of passion to “nurture [his] vessels, which are like [his] children, from start to finish,” making pottery that bring harmony to the lives of its owners.


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