Spontaneous designs created by washi and indigo

YOBOTY is a line of washi accessories by Yoko Moroyoshi, using Inshu washi, a fine tradtional Japanese paper of Tottori, and indigo dye.

Washi, which is crafted with plant fibers and pristine river water, is a crafting and construction material that is both fine and sturdy. Unlike typical paper, the density of pulp fibers in washi varies from section to section, so organic and spontaneous patterns appear when indigo dye is applied to it.

Moroyoshi is a professional paper processor and is the 3rd-generation president of her family’s printing company, which fulfills a wide variety of paper orders for the people of Chiyomi City. With YOBOTY, she strives to create never-before-seen washi products that evoke images of Tottori’s clear skies, sea, and landscapes.

integrating tradition into contemporary business

Yoko Moroyoshi not only serves as the president of her family’s printing company, she is also a master in the art of printing itself, which requires technical and artistic sensibilities. Even as printing has gone digital in the modern age, she continues to employ techniques of the analog age and use traditional washi paper as part of her business.