Pottery from the local soil, named for the local history

The Kokuzo-yaki kiln is owned and operated by siblings Yoshiyasu and Kayako Yamamoto. It was established in 1890 by their great-grandparents, who, after discovering high-quality clay in the Kurayoshi area, decided to build their kiln and settle there. A 7th Century archeological site of the regional Yamato Period chiefs lies nearby, who are affectionately nicknamed “Kokuzo-san” or “Mr. Nation-builders” by the locals. Yoshiyasu's grandparents decided to name their pottery Kokuzo-yaki, after this affectionate local name and history.

Inspired by the land

The Yamamoto family has now been producing Kokuzo-yaki for four generations. Yoshiyasu and Kayako work day and night to produce high-quality, durable tableware with the mellow, white glaze characteristic of this pottery tradition, as well as its decorative techniques which express Tottori’s natural beauty. “Tobiganna” pieces with their soft and wavy ridges evoke the Tottori sand dunes, and “senmon” pieces emulate constellations in the night sky.