Tayama Studio now has a nationally certified Traditional Craftsperson!

Tayama Studio now has a nationally certified Traditional Craftsperson!
Translated and edited with permission, from Tayama Studio’s note article 伝統工芸士、爆誕! (https://note.com/kanakeno/n/n2d3f748f68bb) 


Mr. Shun Kumagai, a craftsman for Tayama Studio, has newly been certified as a Traditional Craftsperson by the Traditional Crafts Industry Promotion Association. He is Tayama Studio’s first nationally certified Traditional Craftsperson.

What is Traditional Craftsperson? According to Wikipedia JP:

The certification for Traditional Craftspeople was created in 1974 by the Ministry of Trade as a response to the lack successors in the traditional crafts industry and with the hopes of broadening the demand for the industry itself.

A Traditional Craftsperson’s mission is to preserve their craft, participate in further pursuing the crafts’ skills and techniques as well as handing them down to the future generations. Those who strive for the preservation and promotion of traditional crafts in this way become by default members of Traditional Craftspersons Association.

While the certification is now handled by the Traditional Crafts Industry Promotion Association, it is still considered a national certificate as the certification is rooted and regulated by Traditional Crafts Law.

It is such an honor for us here at Tayama Studio to have one of our own become nationally certified. Here is a brief message from the man of the hour, Shun Kumagai himself:“Although we are living in a time of great uncertainty due to COVID-19, I am really happy to have received this certification as a Traditional Craftsperson of Nambu Ironware. This achievement was made possible thanks to the encouragement from my mentor and the support from the people around me. As a Traditional Craftsperson, I have official endorsement to spread the charm of Nambu Ironware to my fellow craftspersons, successors and those who are not familiar to Nambu Ironware. It This role is both a joy and a huge responsibility. I will keep striving to further improve my skills as a craftsman and hope that Nambu Ironware will become a regular part of people’s everyday lives.”Congratulations Shun-san! We look forward to continue bringing our forces together and keep our traditional craft alive!